What is Boulevard Academy?

Boulevard Academy is an alternative education program that focuses on academic credit recovery with a learning environment that is smaller and more conducive for students to find their personal path to success. The goal of our program is to offer high standards of Academics, Attitude, and Attendance. Boulevard Academy differs from other Edmond high schools by offering six-week semesters, block scheduling, smaller class sizes, direct instruction and online learning opportunities, and counseling components for each student. We serve approximately 250 students each year, and we are exceptionally proud of the students who have graduated from Boulevard Academy!


Who is a candidate for our program?

High school students, who for one reason or another, have fallen behind on high school graduation requirements and need an alternative to the regular school setting to fulfill their graduation goals.


How do I find out more information about your school?  

Please contact us at 340-2865 or email us after visiting our website.

You may also visit with the student assistance counselor at your home school:

Edmond Memorial Counseling Office – 340-2938

Edmond North Counseling Office – 340-2228

Edmond Santa Fe Counseling Office – 340-2236


How do I enroll in your program? 

Students must first be a student at one of Edmond’s three high schools before starting the process of enrolling at Boulevard Academy.  Please visit with your school’s assistance counselor for more information (see above for numbers).


What will my transcript look like when I graduate? 

You will receive the same diploma from your home high school that you would receive if you attended all of your classes on site at that campus.


Will I receive the same level of high school education from this school as my home high school? 

Yes.  We offer the same level of high school required classes, and our teachers have the same certifications as teachers in the other three high schools.  However, since our school is much smaller, we are not able to offer as many curricular choices.


How long will it take me to graduate if I come to Boulevard?  

That will depend upon how many credits you have when you start attending Boulevard Academy.  We work with students on an individualized basis.  You will visit with a counselor to create a graduation plan designed just for you.


Is your schedule like the regular school schedule?  

No.  We have a block schedule.  Instead of two traditional 18-week semesters in a school year, we offer six, six-week semesters each year.  Instead of attending six, forty-five minute classes each day, students at Boulevard Academy attend three 90-minute core classes and one 55 minute elective each day.


Are students able to participate in extra-curricular activities at their home high school?



What about lunch, can I leave campus?

Seniors (those with 17 or more credits) and students who are 18 years old or older are allowed to leave campus for lunch.


How do I get information about how my student is doing at school?

With a smaller school and smaller class sizes, we are able to give students and parents more individualized attention.  This includes communication as well!  School personnel contact parents when necessary.  Parents and students can log on to PIV to check grades, just like at the home high schools.  Parents can also contact the staff directly.  We send out emails and automated phone calls to announce information throughout the year. We also have a school connect app that you can access on your cell phone, computer, or tablet.