Boulevard Academy


We are committed to ensuring that all students will be given the opportunity to achieve a degree of success that will facilitate a seamless transition into post-secondary education, vocational training and/or the workforce throughout their lives.
Empowering all students to succeed in a changing society
Student Focus

Learning for All


Commitment to Quality

Uncompromising Integrity


·         We will guarantee an opportunity for ALL students to succeed by focusing on the BA Way: Academics, Attitude and Attendance. 

·        Academically, we will measure our success by improving on student credits earned, EOI scores and graduation rate.

·        By our attitude, we will concentrate on positive interactions with a focus on counseling opportunities to foster appropriate decision making

(Energy Bus/Caught Making Good Choices/5 Languages of Appreciation).

·        Concerning attendance, we will communicate with parents by direct phone calls on a daily basis. In addition, we will set up attendance contracts with students to ensure accountability in taking responsibility and passing classes.

·        We will assess our success by providing data that is tied to our 3 A’s: Academics, Attitude and Attendance.



Guiding Philosophy

Pulling Together