“What Does Boulevard Academy Mean to Me?”

I thought it would be harder but it ended up pretty easy. Mrs Janzen was a lot of help and all the teacher were super nice with me. This school might not be like the other but it felt like a small family.

Boulevard has been a great experience for me. I’m thankful for all my teachers and all the staff. They all go above and beyond in assuring that I have a good learning experience. This school has taught me a lot. I enjoy my classes, counseling and clubs. Overall boulevard is a great school and I highly recommend it.

My experience at Boulevard was a decent one. Clubs were fun and everything was easygoing. I can’t think of one teacher that I did not like. Every single teacher and counselor were cool and helpful. I’m happy I found this school, because it helped me accomplish a goal that I started believing I wouldn’t accomplish. I thank everyone at Boulevard who helped me get here.

Boulevard Academy was helpful in me being able to finish high school which means a lot to me. I’m glad I had the opportunity to come here and experience the closeness of the student body, it’s not something I got at any other high school I’ve been to. The teachers and counselors really want us to graduate and do something with our lives after graduation. Knowing that somebody cares about my future was a great thing to have during this journey.

My time at boulevard academy was good I met a really good counselor that cared and listened to whatever it is I had to say. The teachers at boulevard made sure that you worked hard to make sure that we passed. My favorite teachers were almost every teacher because no matter what they all tried to help. I’m glad that I was able to come here and meet all the people I’ve met and to be able to graduate earlier I thank everybody at Boulevard for that.

My stay at Boulevard Academy completely changed my view of school. School has always been a struggle for me to fit in and make passing grades because of my home life and my mental disorders/ illnesses. When I arrived at Boulevard Academy I made straight A’s, had perfect attendance and made student of the block. The way I believe I achieved this is because of my teachers that helped me through every hurdle and bump along the road of high school. Ms.Williams encouraged me to work hard and pursuit my passions to create a good start for the rest of my life. Art club and participating in decorating the school every year for holidays made it all even more worth while because my teachers and counselors made me feel like family. Even though I have given up on school countless times, my teachers and principal Andres never gave up on me and always accepted me back, and I deeply appreciate that. If it wasn’t for the teachers, Mrs.Wright, and principal Andrus, I probably wouldn’t have the opportunities I will have in my life. So, to everyone at Boulevard Academy, thank you.

I was pushed out of school and going through things but Mrs. Janzen and Mrs. Wright helped me get back in school and get back on my feet. My time at boulevard academy for the most part was good. Most of my teachers were really nice and helped me through my classes and helped me pass them. Yes, there was drama sometimes but there’s drama at every school, so for the most part I’m glad I attended Boulevard.

I expected Boulevard to be somewhere that was like a normal school but I was so surprised to find that this is a place where you are given tools to help you become a successful person. This is a place that gives second chances. I want to thank Mrs. Miley and Mr. Landrith specifically because of how kind they were. Thank you, Boulevard.

A year ago, If you asked me if I was going to graduate, I would have told you no. After getting horrible grades in the first three years of my high school life, I decided that I wanted to drop out and obtain a GED. My high school counselor persuaded me not to, but instead to enroll in Francis Tuttle’s “Project Hope.” After completing eight classes in roughly nine weeks, I asked them if I could graduate so that I could move back to my home country, England. They rejected my plead, and instead told me that they wouldn’t give me the three-and-a-half elective credits that I required for graduation. After weighing my options, I chose to withdraw and enroll in Boulevard Academy, where I finally graduated after completing seven classes in the span of a week. Without Boulevard, none of this would have been possible!

I could not have done any of this without Mrs. Janzen and Mrs. Wright, they have helped me in every way possible and I’m so thankful to have such an amazing support system. Everyone here was like family and I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to meet everyone here and be able to work with everyone. This school really helped me to get to where I wanted to get and I am so happy with where I stand now.

I really appreciate all that the teachers have done for me to help me get through the years I been here . So Thank you !

I thank all the teachers that pushed me to do all of my work and get out of here! Thank you guys!

The BEST school ever, I wish every school was made like it. My counselors and teachers love me and I love them, Mrs Campbell will push you to success, Mr. Kilburn will make you so happy and you wont even know your learning. I love EVERYONE! I wish I could stay forever, why aren’t other schools like this one.

Attending Boulevard Academy has taught me a lot by my responsibility and attitude. I thank Mr. Andrus for accepting me and my counselor Mrs. Janzen for setting my graduation plan up followed by taking time to watch me mature into a better person. All the teachers i have had helped push me into finishing strong with good grades and GPA. Mrs Campbell has been by my side thru all 5 blocks when i felt giving up she directed me into a good path thru my whole experience. I’m beyond grateful for all the teachers here at boulevard academy.

I’ve come a long way with ups and downs in life it’s been a struggle but I’ve manage to come a long way to graduate and I’m going to strive for better for my beautiful baby boy because everything I’m doing is for him so I want to thank everyone for there support and love and having patience with me thank you and I love all of you guys so much thanks to friends like you guys are great I will come take what I’ve learned and make my mark. I have to say the staff at the school is the best I have ever experienced.

After the 1 year and a half I want to personally thank Mr. Andrus and my counselor Mrs.Wright for helping me through this important time in my life and the teachers that had me as a student I wanna say thank you for believing in me.

I never would’ve thought i would graduate early from Boulevard Academy. Thank you to all of my teachers who stood by me and supported me through my work and helped me finish I am beyond blessed to have that kind of support from a school faculty. Boulevard is a one of a kind school. Thank You for constant positivity!

Boulevard is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. I am so thankful for everything this school has given me. The wonderful and absolutely awesome teachers and staff gave me and reason and motivation to keep coming back to school. For the longest I thought I would end up dropping out. Boulevard gave me a chance; gave me hope to get my education. And i will always remember every single teacher that taught me and how they helped me. I’ve grown to love this school and will be sad but happy I get to graduate. There is one teacher who I can’t think enough for what she did for me. Mrs. Miley. She believed in me when i thought no one else did. She is my family. And i will miss her terribly. When I look back on my high school years i’ll be so happy to think of all of you and smile. I can’t thank any of you enough to show how grateful I am for all of you. I’m so happy that God gave me this opportunity to meet wonderful people and get to learn from the best teachers I could possibly ask for. All of the staff and teachers, thank you so much for everything.

Throughout my life I have had a lot of situations that have been challenging for me. As I dealt with these situations it seems that my education at times was not as important to me as it should have been. There were times were I didn’t pay attention in class. There were times when I failed all my tests and even all my classes. I could not even pass my EOI’s, so I wanted to give up and quit school, because I felt like a failure. My mother talked to me about coming to boulevard to make up the credits that I lacked so that I could graduate with my twin sister, but by that time I had lost all hope and had given up. My mom kept pushing and wouldn’t let me quit, so I wound up here at boulevard with no hope and I couldn’t even see how it was possible for me to graduate. When I started I was only coming because my mom made me, However the more I came, the more I did and the more hope I had in being able to earn all my credits and graduate with my twin sister. The staff here at boulevard is GREAT, the teachers and principals are wonderful. They saw in me what I did not see in myself. They told me that I could do it, and they helped me to do it. They were patient and took the time out to make a difference in my life and help me to be successful. Being at boulevard has helped me once again to restore my confidence. I now know and believe that I have the ability to do what I want to do and be successful.

Boulevard Academy is a special place to me because I was able to come back and do the things I needed to do to finish graduating. I never thought I was going to graduate but between me, all my teachers I had here, Mrs. Wright and Mr. Andrus for accepting me into this school I was able to complete exactly what I needed to do to graduate. I’m very glad that I got to come in here and graduate. It’s going to help me out a lot in life. I couldn’t do without all my peers here. Boulevard academy is full of a ton of wonderful teachers, and other workers. Everyone tries to work with you to get you through school and if you think about it they don’t have to try as hard as they do to help us. But they do and it’s an amazing thing to have. I loved attending Boulevard academy it was a true experience to me, I enjoyed every bit of it and I’m glad I’m finally graduating.

I would first like to start by thanking everyone as a whole at Boulevard Academy for bringing me into this family to finish my high school education. Being here has taught me that not all high schools are alike and not all students or teachers are alike. Being here helped me to realize how it feels to be part of something bigger than myself but still be successful in helping others and myself. I would like to thank Mr. Andrus, Mrs.Higdon, Mrs.Wright and Mrs.Yeager for being there for me when I needed them throughout my school year, and keeping my motivation at its peak when I didn’t think I could keep it there. I appreciate everything you all have done for me. Ms. Williams in specific I would like to thank for being there for personal support when I needed to talk about life in general, she is my go to teacher and she has taught me a lot about my hobbies in photography as well. Being a Bear has taught me to be excellent, active, resilient, and strong in my endeavor to a bigger future, and for that I thank everyone here for accepting me for who I am and helping me to finish my high school career, so that I can start my life.

To me, Boulevard is a second chance. It’s like every mistake you made at your home school is erased and you start over here. The teachers here are amazing and they really get to know you one on one. I feel like Boulevard makes the whole concept of school somewhat fun. Step day was something I personally looked forward to because they made your accomplishments known and they passed out little certificates and made you go through what seems like the longest line of shaking hands and hugs. They make you feel like not only is your education important, but you as a whole being is as well. Boulevard really helped me accomplish my goal of graduating high school and I’m so thankful for everyone here that believed in me and pushed for me.

Boulevard Academy means many things to me. At first, it meant that I messed up my chances at graduation, and then it meant this was my only chance at graduating. This was all it was: a way to graduate. After a while though it started to become a place I loved coming to because the people here are insane enough to make you like coming to school (even if it’s thirty minutes after the first bell). The teachers paid far too much attention to you and the students knew way too much about you, seeing as there was only a handful of us. I could be walking down the hallway and a random person smiles and says, “Hi!” to me. It stops being creepy by the third time, I promise. If it wasn’t for the way the teachers are always on our case, and they will always be on your case or for the students that are nice to you without even really knowing you, Boulevard would be a place just like the rest: a way to graduate. Boulevard means second chances, even if you’re on your sixty-fifth one. It means admitting to yourself that you’ll miss having a teacher gripe at you about your grades, knowing too much about your personal life, or telling you how lazy you are. It means admitting you’re insanely lucky to be in a place that wants you to succeed no matter how long it takes or how much you cry about it. Boulevard Academy means gratitude, success, and it means you’re on the right track.

Boulevard Academy honestly I can say changed my mind on education and how important it is. My school history wasn’t the best cause I never had a lot of school motivation from the schools. Yeah teachers may help me out a little more but after a while some would give up and let me make that choice. Coming to boulevard it was different; they didn’t let me give up. They would push me all the way to the top and let me see hope. This place gave me hope!  I made friends who I probably wouldn’t even carry a normal conversation with at my home school. Here you have a big family even the ones that don’t have the same interest as you. I wake of every morning not upset that I have to go to school, because I get to go see my Big Bear Family. I didn’t call myself a Bear at first, now I will call myself a Bear. Boulevard made such a huge impact in my life with only little time. I wish this place could have been my high school for all 4 years of my high school years. My stress level lowered when I came here, everything is mostly peaceful. Got great new knowledge and will see myself using what I have learned. Boulevard is the best thing that has happen to me, my future has gotten brighter and see success at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait to start a new chapter in my life, boulevard will be in the best of my memories. Thank you so much to all the staff that has kept me on my feet and walking toward greatness. Forever in my heart, GO BEARS!!!!

Boulevard Academy has provided me with one of the best experiences of my entire life. It has allowed me to graduate a goal that I’ve been working towards my whole life. The teachers here are so patient, loving, and so much more understanding than anywhere else I have ever been. I’m so happy to have been part of this wonderful Boulevard family and so proud to be called a Bear. To our family being a Bear is so much more than just a mascot it’s a life style choice to Be Excellent Active Resilient and Strong. Boulevard has instilled such good qualities into me and has prepared me for the future. Go Bears!!!   

Boulevard was a new life for me. I found so many friends that I strive to have for a while. I was just some kid from North that messed up and was here for it. But Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Cleaver, Mrs. Self, and last but not least Ms. Glass helped me and pushed me to be the best I could be. I screwed up on the way to graduation but the teachers didn’t treat me different! They loved me and helped me to be all that I could be. Mrs. Philly was always happy to see me even though I was rowdy at times she loved me and cared for me. Making sure that I had all that I needed. Boulevard gets such a bad rep for what it used to be. Although there is a lot and I mean a lot of drama, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love this place and am so thankful that I was accepted into this school! I love all of the staff here and will always love this school. Thank you for helping me on the way to being a mature grown up.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Boulevard Academy to me is like a pile of ladders or a rack of weights. If used correctly, you can reach new heights when using a ladder or you can grow in strength with consistent repetition and good form using weights. However if done incorrectly, you can fall from the ladder and injure yourself or pull a muscle if you lift with bad form. In other words, it’s all about how well you utilize the tools that are at your disposal. Just like a rack of weights, Life holds the same indifference as an inanimate object. In English, it honestly doesn’t care where you were or what you’ve done before. That is the weight. It is in front of you. Will you lift it and grow or ignore it and remain as you are? This question is the mechanic behind Boulevard Academy.

Boulevard Academy is non-conventional in every sense of the meaning. An overwhelming majority of the students come from broken homes and have dysfunctional behaviors as a result of this. I am no exception. I was homeschooled my freshman year and homeless my first semester of my sophomore year in California. (I have no shame in discussing the topic as I was not the cause of my homelessness). I moved to Yukon, Oklahoma with my dad my second semester of my sophomore year. I was able to coast by for that semester but when my junior year came up, I crashed. I had gone from having nothing and being homeless, to a 2 story house with a PS4, 3 widescreens, and a gorgeous neighborhood. It was an overload of distraction & excitement. As a result, my G.P.A plummeted and I repeated my junior year. I moved to Edmond North my senior year.

I requested a transfer to Boulevard Academy. This is where I had to make a decision. Will I move this weight of being a fifth year senior? Or will I wallow in despair due to my previous circumstances. I chose the former and proceeded to finish 6 ½ credits in 6 weeks.  Then doing 6 more credits in 12 weeks. I have now graduated in February at 18 years old.

Honestly, I wish more schools were like Boulevard Academy.  Because of the 6 week semesters, I as a student am allowed to take online classes in certain subjects and go at my own pace. Boulevard Academy basically took the best two ideas from God and America:  Give the student free will to make the best choices and offer them the unlimited results of their actions. For those of us like myself who choose the Best choices and remain Excellent, Active, Resilient and Strong, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Boulevard has helped me get through some hard times in my life. When I moved here I was really lost and I didn’t know if I was actually going to be able to graduate high school or even make any connections with the people here. My mind was changed from day one when I was accepted into the group and every teacher and student I met was very nice and helpful and it made me immediately feel like I was part of the family here. Since then I have grown closer to many people here and I have enjoyed every day that I have spent here as a student. This is the closest school group I have ever been in and it makes me proud to say that I am a graduate of Boulevard Academy.

I thank boulevard academy for giving me a chance when I had already messed up, Thankful for Mr. Andrus and all the staff. Mrs. Sturm, I thank her for always being light and comical in class and keeping a positive flow through the class room. Mr. Andrus always helps through motivational verbal language and Mrs. Siemer really helped me to keep my head together, she was also very nice, along with All the staff and Mrs. Wright with helping me to get graduated and get in all my credits. Mrs. Cleaver was always helpful as well, she was an awesome teacher, and Mrs. Hall always had a smile on her face, and that was refreshing.  Bobby is the personality of the school. He is always staying laid back and will take the initiative to teach a student something of importance. Officer Pearson made me feel safe and he showed me that officers aren’t always mean and harsh. They can be nice and Smiles as well. I just want to thank all the staff overall, any names I have and haven’t mentioned. There isn’t one teacher that is better. All the teachers at boulevard are on the same team competing to help kids graduate and that’s the biggest gift that could be giving by principals and teachers and staff to anyone in high school. Thank you all for your time and presence and motivation. God bless and I love you all. “Who are we?” BEARS!!!

This is such a deep question for me, this school means so much and it is so close to my heart. I did not want to come to this school at all. I came here once before and ended up withdrawing. I spent a year out of school going from job to job feeling insecure about my education thinking I would be behind in life forever. I got really depressed and finally with the help of the people who love me I decided to come back to school and finish strong. Every single day I am thankful for the love and compassion here at Boulevard. I tend to see the best in people so to think that there is a safe place for people to come and have a second chance warms my heart so much. I struggled so much with my journey and when I walk into this school the teachers and students don’t dwell on my past or make me feel shameful of it, they remind me that every day is a new day and I can accomplish things I never thought I could if I just put in effort. I will miss Todd teasing me and Bobby playing basketball with all the boys. I will miss seeing Robert after school and his big welcoming smile and encouraging words while he vacuums.  I will miss slowing walking in and Mrs. Hall giving me the biggest smile even though I’m a little late. I will miss Mr. Andrus giving me fist bumps and always keeping me on task☺, and last but not least all my amazing teachers who helped me accomplish this goal of mine. This school is so amazing and I hope you guys never stop doing what you’re doing. I know times can get tough and these kids can get crazy but we need you guys. No matter what we say, and you guys were all here for me when I needed you and I will forever be thankful. The staff and kids at this school have the most special place in my heart and always will.

High School: The Final Chapter

Being a student at Boulevard Academy has really opened my eyes to a different light. A light that I can now use to help others and inspire them to accomplish whatever they want to do. I came to Boulevard Academy February 23, 2015 with 6 credits as a senior. For those who don’t know, the private school I was attending was unaccredited so I received all of the education but just didn’t get the credits. Now it would be easy to just quit and not care about graduating. But my will and determination as well as the wonderful teachers and staff wouldn’t allow it. By the end of the school year last year, I was able to accumulate 20 credits!

I really appreciate all of the teachers and staff that helped me stay on a path of excellence. Helping me strive to achieve the best possible grades and complete quality work. It hasn’t always been easy but the family-type environment that Boulevard strives to create really makes it enjoyable and fun to be in.

I hope that I have done my best to set a good example for all those I have come into contact with. I am appreciative of all of the skills and qualities that I have been able to pick up from being a part of this school. Thanks again everyone! I will definitely make it a goal to stop by as much as I can. ☺

I feel as though Boulevard Academy was and still is my second family. I love all the teachers and staff that works here, everyone has helped me through so many things. I would like to thank Ms. Campbell and Mrs. Sturm for always pushing me when I wanted to give up and being there if I had any problems. I would like to thank Mrs. Phillips for being such a fun and caring teacher. I would like to thank Mrs. Cleaver for being one of the nicest teachers I have ever met. I would like to thank Ms. Glass being so nice and generous to me. I would like to thank Ms. Williams for having the most fun classes I have ever been a part of and for talking out life with me. I would like to thank Mrs. Snow for being so kind to me and letting me boost my ego in math a little bit more. I would like to thank Mr. Johnson, even though he is no longer teaching, for being fun and one of the coolest people I have ever met. I would like thank Mr. Kilburn for being so kind and laid back. I would like to thank Ms. Siemer for staying on me when I started to lack in apex. I would like to thank Mr. Todd, for being there for me and making sure I was alright. I would like to thank Ms. Hall for being so kind and greeting me every morning. I would like to thank Ms. Yaeger for keeping me on track with my credits and being so nice. I would like to thank Officer Pearson for giving me three of the toughest basketball games of my life. And finally I would like to thank Mr. Bobby Thomas for being the best role model on and off the court; you were like a father figure to me when I didn’t have one, I greatly appreciate that. I have had numerous ups and downs with all of you, and I know it was because I was a little goober, but I am thankful that you all pushed me to get this done and give me the best 2 years of my life.

I thank you all and hope you all had the best years of your life when I was here, because I know I did.