My name is Jeff Nemcok. It is an honor to serve as the Principal of Boulevard Academy and the Director of Alternative Education for Edmond Public Schools. I would like to share with you the rich history of our building that was built in 1924, and how we serve the students of Edmond.

Over the years, what is now Boulevard Academy has served multiple functions and has been a building where many patrons of Edmond have attended school during the 1920’s through present day. It was Edmond’s only high school until what is now Central Middle School, which was built in 1956. Through the years it has served as an administration building, a mid-high school, and a grade level school for elementary students. In the early 1960’s, it was a satellite kitchen for all the schools in the district. With the building in need of a renovation, the district went to the voters in 2011-2012 and asked for a 3.3 million bond issue to renovate the building built in 1924. The building has such a historical tie to Edmond’s history, the bond issue was highly supported. With the exception of Old North Tower and other buildings on the University of Central Oklahoma’s campus, Boulevard Academy is the second oldest free-standing building in Edmond with the Territorial School House on Second Street being the oldest. In the summer of 2015, the Edmond Historical Society and Museum recognized Boulevard Academy with the Historic Preservation Award.

Currently Boulevard Academy is an alternative education program that focuses on serving the at-risk students of Edmond. We concentrate on academic credit recovery in a learning environment that is more personal and conducive for students’ success. All students’ learning styles differ, and Boulevard Academy offers a unique opportunity for them to discover which personal path works best for them. Our program focuses on improving each students’ academics, attitude, and attendance. It differs from the three traditional Edmond high schools by having six-week semesters, or blocks, smaller class sizes, blended learning, and online learning opportunities. We offer counseling to our students and make efforts to connect them to the community with service learning projects. Our mascot is the Bears. We are exceptionally proud of our hundreds of graduates over the years. We would love the opportunity to bring hope back to your high school journey.



Jeff Nemcok

Principal Boulevard Academy

Director of Alternative Education